Let's add some flavor to your promo

There will be a time in every author's life where graphics will be needed, either to promote a giveaway, a special promotion, an event, or just to brand your social media properly. Have a look at my packages and find a solution that suits you.


Feel free to contact me for a custom package if none of these suit your needs.

Media Kit

  • 1x Media Kit PDF format
  • Basic interactive functionality (links, pages, etc)
  • up to 4 pages
  • Unlimited Revisions

Mix Package

  • 2x Book Promo Banner to send to bloggers & reviewers
  • 1x Website Header or Banner
  • 2x Book Quotes Banners
  • 2x Blog Post Templates
  • 1x Social Media Custom Share Image (Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest)
  • 1x 3D Book Cover Mock Ups
  • 1x Showcase banner with your books

Social Media Package

  • 1x Twitter Cover Image + Profile Pic
  • 1x Facebook Cover + Profile Pic
  • 1x Pinterest Cover + Profile Pic
  • 1x Social Media Cover Image + Profile Pic (platform of your choice)
  • 3x Social Media Custom Share Images (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest + Platform of your choice)
  • 1x bonus PSD template to use for Social Media posts (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest + Platform of your choice)
  • Unlimited Revisions

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