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Why Nya Designs?

I'll design the dream cover your book deserves, along with the right web package to promote it.

Let's be honest here, first impressions do count. You've spent all this time writing, editing, and rewriting your book, and you're finally ready for the final step: self-publishing. If you thought the hardest part was over, then a new challenge awaits you: Marketing your book and make it look the best it can be. Your content can be amazing, but if nobody picks up your book, then they'll never know, right?

To maximize your marketing efforts, you'll need great design that will create great first impressions.

As a professional designer with a writing background and a former book blogger with a history of reading around eighty books per year (yes, I could even be one of your readers), I know how much authors struggle with marketing. Something as simple as getting bloggers and reviewers to be interested in your book can become a challenge if you can't create a good first impression - after all, you're competing against many! Not to mention the chances of your book standing out on Amazon without a proper cover design.

Book Cover Design comes first, but along your journey, you'll start understanding that you need to come up with a marketing plan, and that good design can have an impact in everything: your website, your email campaigns, your media kits, your promotional banners and social media graphics.

glenn j soucy

“I contacted other web designers, but they wanted money up front without answering any questions. Nya took the time to answer my numerous questions. I got my answers, the website that I wanted, and in a very timely manner.”


Glenn J. Soucy

Author of 'Blood Tithe'

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